Barong and Keris Dance

Barong and Keris Dance

Barong and Keris Dance

Barong and Keris dance depicts the fight between Virtue and Evil. Barong is a mythical creature that portrays Virtue while Rangda is the most Powerful of depicting sleaze.

In this dance the first one is presented with two dancers, they are followers of Rangda who are looking for followers of Dewi Kunti who are on their Way to meet their Patih

Next, followers of Dewi Kunti arrived. One of the Rangga followers Turned into a demon and entered Dewi Kunti’s followers which caused them to become angry. Both met the Patih and together faced Dewi Kunti.

Barong and Keris Dance

Came Dewi Kunti and her son Sahadewa and Dewi Kunti had promised Rangda to hand over Sahadewa as a victim. Actually Dewi Kunti was not willing to sacrifice her son to Rangda

Come down lord Shiva and give devotion to Sahadewa and this devotion is not known by Rangda. Rangda tried to kill Sahadewa but could not be killed because if his immunity which was granted by lord Shiva. Rangda surrendered to Sahadewa and begged to be saved so that be could enter heaven. And this request was granted by Sahadewa.

Barong and Keris Dance

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Kalika is a follower of Rangda, he faces Sahadewa. This rejection led to a fight and eventually Kalika changed into a wild boar. In this fight the wild boar is defeated by Sahadewa, then Kalika turns into a bird but is still defeated. After that Kalika become Rangda, because Rangda was so powerful that sahadewa become Barong. Because it is the same magic or powerful then the battle between Barong and Rangda no one wins. Thus this fight are eternal ” Virtue against Evil “

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