Padang Padang Beach Bali

  • Padang Padang Beach Bali
  • Padang Padang Beach Bali
  • Padang Padang Beach Bali
  • Padang Padang Beach Bali

Padang Padang Beach Bali

Padang Padang Beach Bali is located in southern Bali, precisely in Pecatu Village. From the airport it takes 40 minutes to drive and 15 minutes to the Uluwatu temple. Padang Padang beach or you can call ” Labuan Sait Beach” is located under a green cliff, you have to go down on foot through the stairs. Takes 10 minutes from the place to pay the ticket. And you will find a pack of monkeys, so you are more alert when carrying valuables while walking on the stairs.

Padang Padang beach offers the beauty of green cliffs on the left and right with white sandy beaches. There are several restaurants and souvenir shops that are ready to spoil your time during your visit to this place. Lying on a lounger under an umbrella while enjoying a fresh drink is an option for tourists visiting this beach.

Beautiful Sunset

By late afternoon the sea water is receding so you will see the beauty of coral reefs. And the beautiful sunset with the orange sky against the backdrop of towering rocks makes this beach has its own specialty.

Surf spots

Paradise for surfers. If you come here in the morning and in the afternoon, you will see the surfers doing the action against the waves. With very heavy waves but not dangerous, it is very suitable for surfing activities.

Film Eat pray love

Labuan Sait Beach is one of the witnesses to the film that was released in 2010 entitled Eat, Pray, Love. Starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem by choosing this beach to be one of the shooting spots in Bali. This beach was also used as a video clip recording place in 1996 by the band Michael Learn To Rock with the title song “Someday”. So that this place is getting more and more popular in foreign countries.

How much is the entrance ticket when you come here?

When you come to this place, you have to park the vehicle on the left side of the road from the airport. Then after parking the vehicle you have to cross the road to the ticket office which is located on the right side of the airport. Ticket fee at IDR 20.000/ person and IDR 5.000 for car parking fee. Best time to visit at 07.00 am – 06.00 pm.

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