Tenganan Ancient Village

Tenganan Ancient Village

Tenganan Ancient Village

Tenganan Ancient Village

Tenganan Ancient Village is a traditional village located in the Manggis sub-district, Karangasem Regency. This place is very close to Candi Dasa tourist spot and about 2 hours drive east from Ngurah Rai airport. You will pass it if you visit Lempuyang Temple, Tirta Gangga, Taman Ujung and Goa Lawah Temple. So that a lot of travel agencies include this tourist spot into a East Bali Tour Package.

It is the oldest village in Bali, located in Karangasem Regency, east of Bali. After the 1970s there has been a change in this village to become an attraction for tourists visiting Bali where in the previous year this village was known by anthropologists as a remote community in the archipelago. This place is known as Tenganan Pegringsingan Village where the knowledge of cultural literature is still attached. The pattern of life of local people is very different from other places in Bali. The people of Tenganan village still adhere to traditions, ancient Balinese rules and traditional ceremonies as well as the layout of buildings and unique village architecture. Known for its gringsing double ikat woven fabric and famous for its Selunding gamelan music or Selonding gamelan that you can’t find in other villages.

Tenganan Ancient Village

About Tenganan Ancient Village

According to the mythological story of Tenganan village, in ancient times there was a kingdom with a king named King Mayadenawa. This king was very powerful and ordered his followers not to perform religious ceremonies and prohibition of praying to the Besakih temple. So the gods were angry and Bhatara Indra came down to fight this King. So that finally the king Mayadenawa was defeated by Bhatara Indra and the people returned to carrying out religious ceremonies as before. Since the victory of Bhatara Indra, the villagers who built a village consisting of hills, namely Kangin hill (east), Kauh hill (east, Kaja hill (north). Because the village is between 3 hills or is in the middle. If the local language is in the middle it means TENGAH And over time the name TENGAH changed to Tenganan or Tenganan village

What can you see when visiting this place?

You will see traditional houses with building structures according to local customs. Also you will see local woven fabric, statue, wooden sub-village hall, local culture, Pandan battle, etc.

Tenganan ancient village opening hours

Tenganan Village tourist attraction is open every day from 7 am to 6 pm except for Nyepi or Hindu Silent day. How much is the entrance ticket to the tourist attractions in Tenganan Village? If you enter this village, only donate according to your sincerity for the maintenance of this tourist spot. How much for parkin fee? parking fee at IDR 5.000/ car, IDR 10.000/bus and IDR 2.000/ motocycle.

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