Tukad Cepung Waterfall Bangli

  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall Bangli
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall Bangli
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall Bangli

Tukad Cepung Waterfall Bangli

Tukad Cepung Waterfall Bangli located on jl. Tembuku, Tembuku, Bangli district, Bali 80671. Around 2 hours drive from Ngurah Rai airport and 50 minutes drive from Ubud.

Located in the middle of the high cliffs, it offers a beauty and uniqueness that is different from other waterfalls on the island of Bali. Tukad Cepung Waterfall has a heights of about 15 meters which is not visible from the outside because of its location in the cave, squeezed between the cliffs to the waterfall location, making this place a special attraction for tourists who visit here.

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The best place to take pictures with amazing nature

The flow of water from top to bottom was quite soft and expanded like a curtain. The water is very clean and when sunlight enters the crevice of the cave along with the gentle flow of water it creates a very beautiful color effect. It is not wrong for this place to become popular for foreign tourists and local tourists, both enjoying the natural atmosphere and taking pictures. Take a photo with the background of a waterfall in a cave with sunlight entering the cliff gap produces a very beautiful photo. Therefore, many tourists conduct prewedding photo sessions at this place.

How to get this place

We have explained above that if you are in the area of Ngurah Rai airport it will take about 2 hours and if you are in the Ubud area it will take 50 minutes drive. The road is quite easy, you can rent a motorbike or car with driver, but we do not recommend taking a taxi because there are not taxis and public transportation. To get to the waterfall it will take 20 minutes walk from the parking lot. You will walk along the plantations and irrigation of the local village rice field, some of the facilities that you will find, such as art shops and restaurant, are an option before you arrive at the location.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall and Lempuyang Heaven Gate Tour

One of the most popular Bali tour package that you can book when on vacation in the island of Bali.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall opening hours and ticket fee

Open every day start from 08.00 – 17.00. Entrance fee at IDR 15.000 per person both for domestic tourists and foreigners.

Other popular tourist places you can visit when on vacation in the island of Bali

Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach Bali

Suluban Beach is located on Jl. Labuan Sait – Uluwatu, in the village of Pecatu, South of the island of Bali. Takes 45 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Airport and 5 minutes drive from Uluwatu Temple. Suluban Beach or known as Blue Point beach Uluwatu is located under a cliff with white sand. Suluban is taken from the word ” mesulub ” which means walking under a rock. Thats why this place is called Suluban beach.

Offers a cool place to enjoy the beach atmosphere and is a place for those of you who want to do surfing activities. There are restaurants and Singel Fin club located on the top of the cliff that offer a view of the beach from the top of the cliff, making you feel more at home in this place. There are many beautiful beaches in Bali that offer beautiful sunsets with their own charms, inclusing Tanah Lot Temple, Kuta beach, Legian beach, Jimbaran beach, Tegal Wangi Beach, Dreamland beach, Padang Padang beach, Blue Point Beach, Kedugu beach, Uluwatu Temple and many more.

Above already mentioned several places to see the sunset. If you want to enjoy dinner and indulge with a view of the sunset, Suluban beach is one of them. In the afternoon there will be many tourists who want to enjoy dinner, especially those staying in the Pecatu and Uluwatu areas.

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How to get there?

You will walk through the stairs with a distance of 200 meters from the parking location. Requires sufficient energy to reach the shoreline. The stairs are quite narrow so you have to line up when there are many visitors. Served with artshops and restaurants along the road to the beach. There is no entrance ticket if you visit here, just pay for parking at IDR 5.000 per vehicle. Unfortunately there is no public transportation in this place so you have to use a private vehicle or rent a vehicle including a driver.

18 best things to do when you in Bali island

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Best places to visit in Bali after Covid-19

Talking about the best places to visit in Bali after Covid-19. We have been faced with a situation for almost a year until now, it still cannot be answered by anyone when this COVID-19 will be over. All activities are limited, so that our space is narrow. Various methods carried out by each country in the world including Indonesia. The development of Covid-19 in Indonesia has decreased compered to the previous month. We really apreciate the Government’s effort’s especially on the island of Bali.

President of Indonesia came to Ubud Bali
President Joko Widodo monitors the implementation of Covid-19 vaccine immunization at Ubud 16 March 2021

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Denpasar city Government accelerates the vaccine process, especially those working in the tourist sector, teachers, Government, Bank and the elderly. According to the information we get from Traveloffpath Bali will be open in July this year.

Best places to visit in Bali after Covid-19
Ulun Danu Temple, Bedugul – Bali

We can’t wait for July for the holidays to get rid of our tired thoughts because our lives have been limited for one year. Now is the time to plan our vacation in Bali! Visiting beautiful places on the island of the Gods is one of the greet options for a vacation after Covid. There are 45 beautiful tourist attractions that you must visit after Covid-19.

Best places to visit in Bali after Covid-19

And many more interesting places ready for you to visit. We are sure that after the Government completes the vaccine in all sectors, Bali will again be full of visitors that have been waiting for by tourists around the world.

Can I enter Bali Now?

This is a question that often arises for tourists in general. Below are the rules you need to know if you want to take a vacation or enter Indonesia in a pandemic era.

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple Bali located in Manukaya, Tampaksiring subdistrict and Gianyar regency. Famous for holy water for Hindus self purification.


It is said that King Mayadenawa acted arbitrarily and did not allow the people to carry out religious ceremonies to beg for salvation from the gods. After the deed was known by the gods, then the gods are headed by Bhatara Indra Attack King Mayadenawa. Mayadenawa lost and fled to the north of Tampaksiring village.

Tirta Empul Temple

With his magic he can created poisoned springs, causing the army of Bhatara Indra who chased him to death by drinking the water. In this case Bhatara Indra immediately drove his spear so that water came out of the ground which is now called Tirta Empul. This holy water is used to sprinkle the gods and then the army of Bhatara Indra could live as before.

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Temple Construction

Tirta Empul temple built around a spring in 962 M during the Warmadewa dynasty by the king Sri Chandrabhayasingha Warmadewa from the 10th – 14th centuries. The name of this temple comes from the name of the spring called “ Tirta Empul “.

The spring comes from the Pakerisan river. This temple is divided into 3 parts: Jaba Pura or front yard, Jaba Tengah or middle yard, Jeroan or Top Yard. Middle yard consist of 2 ponds with 30 showers which is named as follows Purification, cleasing and Sudamala and shower Cetik “ poison”

Tirta Empul Temple

This temple dedicated to the god Vishnu, the name of the Hindu deity for the highest awareness of Narayana. On the left side there is a villa building on a hil called Tampak Siring Palace. Built for president Sukarno visit to Bali in 1954, it is now used as a place of rest for important state guests.

Popular Bali Tour Package related to this place

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest or you can call it Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, a protected forest in a rural area inhabited by a group of monkeys. This Forest inhabited by approximately 749 monkeys whose tail is quite long. There are 6 groups of monkeys around this forest, namely groups around the temple, new forest groups, central point groups, eastern groups, michelin and grave groups.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest has an area of approximately 12.5 hectares, there are 186 different tree species and there are 3 temples in different locations, the first is Dalem Agung Padang Tegal temple, the second is Beji temple and the third is Prajapati temple. This place is one of the popular tourist attractions in Ubud which reaches 120.000 visitor every month. The local Government is expanding the forest area and increasing guest confort by expanding parking, lobby and other supporting factors.

Ubud Monkey Forest

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How to get to Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest from Ngurah Rai Airport?

Mandala Suci Wenara Wana located on Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. Located close to Ubud Art Market and Ubud Palace, only 15 minutes by walk to the southern. Around 35.9 km or 1.2 hours drive from Ngurah Rai airport pass through Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai. Around 39.3 km or 1.11 hours drive from Nusa Dua area pass through Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai. This place open for tourist from 08.30 am – 06.00 pm. Entrace fee for adult at IDR 80.000 and IDR 60.00 for kid.

What you need to know before entering this location!

  • No smoking area
  • Put your valuables inside such as earring, hand bag, sunglasses and smartphone.
  • Do not feed monkeys, food for monkeys provided by the sacred Monkey forest sanctuary.
  • Don’t run and stare into the eyes of male monkeys continuously.
  • Supervise your child when in the area.
  • As long as you are in this place will be monitored by Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest officers. He is ready to help you if you need help.

Highlight of Bali Tour

Lempuyang Heaven Gate

One of the most popular Bali tour special to visit Tourist interesting places in the east part of Bali island such as visit Lempuyang temple, Tirta Gangga, Tukad Cepung Waterfall. Read More…

Kintamani Volcano Tour

Visit Kintamani Volcano including visit another popular tourist attractions such as Visit Tegenungan Waterfall, Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Bali Swing, Luwak Coffee Plantation. Read More…

Banyumala Waterfall Tour

Banyumala waterfall is a beautiful nature waterfall located in the north part of Bali island. This tour will take you to other popular tourist site such as Mengwi Royal Temple, Ulun Danu Temple, Wanagiri Hidden Hill and Luwak Coffee Plantation. Read More..

Mengwi Royal Temple

Mengwi Royal Temple

Mengwi Royal Temple

Mengwi Royal Temple or you can call it Taman Ayun Temple is located in Mengwi sub-district, Badung regency, Bali. Taman Ayun is a paibon temple or Pedarman temple of King Mengwi to worship ancestral spirits of the kings in the form of a Gedong Paibon. Besides it was built Meru Meru which aims to worship the gods, for the people of Mengwi kingdom in asking for prosperity. This temple is a historical heritage from the kingdong of Mengwi. In 2012 UNISCO established Taman Ayun temple as part of the world cultural heritage site.


Mengwi Royal Temple

This temple was built in the 17th century, precisely starting to be built in 1632 and finish in 1634 by King Mengwi. At that time had another name for the Kindong “ Mangapura ”, “ Mangaraja “, and Kawiyapura, at the time I Gusti Agung Putu as the King. The process of building this temple was assisted by an architect from someone of Chinese descent from Banyuwangi named Ing Khang Ghoew.

Taman Ayun is a family temple for the kingdom of Mengwi. The reason this temple was established was because at that time the temple was a distance far enough to be reached by the Mengwi people, thus the king of Mengwi erected a number of temples as symbols of the 9 main objects in Bali, such as: Besakih temple, Ulun Danu Temple, Batur temple, Uluwatu Temple, Batukaru Temple, Tanah Lot Temple and other main temples in Bali.

Opening Hours

Taman Ayun Temple open for public start at 08.00 – 18.15, Except Nyepi Day or silent day in Bali. Using sarong is required when you enter this temple, especially for women not allowed for those who are menstruating.

Popular Bali Tour related to this temple


Bedugul & Tanah Lot Temple Tour

A full day tour package we created to visit the most popular tourist attractions within 10 – 12 hours.


Banyumala Waterfall Tour

One of the most popular Full Day Tour package we created to visit Banyumala waterfall, Wanagiri Hidden Hill, Handara Heaven Gate.

Details ..

Bali Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

Best selection of Bali tour 4 days 3 nights. Offer cheapest price, easy booking, includes visiting the most popular tourist attractions in the island of Bali

Details ..

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Tegal Wangi Beach Bali

  • Tegal Wangi Beach Bali
  • Tegal Wangi Beach Bali
  • Tegal Wangi Beach Bali

Tegal Wangi Beach Bali

Tegal Wangi Beach located in south part of Bali island which is 40 minutes drive from Denpasar city and 30 minutes drive from Denpasar Airport. One of the hidden beaches in southern Bali that offer a panoramic views that is so attractive to tourists who visit this place. Located in an area away from residential areas or crowds. This beach is under a cliffs that stretch from north to south with white sandy beaces views. This place is highly recommended for those of you who want to enjoy the beach atmosphere away from the crowds.

But you need to know before visiting here that supporting factors such as places to eat and taxis are not available here. You can rent a acar including a driver which the cost around $37/ day, other option is to take a taxi and he will wait for you to finish activities.

Tegal Wangi Pre-wedding photo session

Since 2006 this place has been the place of choice for professional photographers to do pre-wedding photo session, especially at sunset. If you are the one who wants to see the sunset with sea views and cliffs this is the place to be. For visitors, they are not subject to an entrance ticket, while those who do a pre-wedding photo session are charged a predetermined rate.

Besides Tegal Wangi Beach, there are still many beautiful tourist attractions that you can visit in southern Bali such as Dream Land beach, Padang – Padang beach, Uluwatu Temple, JImbaran Beach, Pandawa Beach, Nusa Dua beach,Tanjung Benoa Beach and GWK ( Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park). You can exploring this places within one days if not traffic.

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10 hours including petrol

Don’t miss this places when you come to Bali island

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Banyumala Waterfall Tour

Banyumala Waterfall Tour

Banyumala Waterfall Tour

Banyumala Waterfall Tour Package is one of the most popular Bali Full Day Tour that has been designed for those of you who are would like to explore the Bali Natural in northern part of Bali island especially visit Banyumala waterfall located in Wanagiri village.

Interesting places will be visited during this Tour

The Tour itinerray has been designed based on our experience in tourist field, However you can change with other interesting places or add with activities based on your request. Please have a look Banyumala Waterfall tour itinerary as follow and please feel free to contact us for best arrangement.

Tour Itinerary:

  • 08:00 – Pick up at Hotel
  • 10:00 – Visit Banyumala Waterfall
  • 11:00 – Our driver will take you to visit Wanagiri Hidden Hill
  • 12:00 – Visit Ulun Danu Temple
  • 13:00 – Buffet lunch
  • 15:00 – Visit Luwak Coffee Plantation
  • 16:00 – Visit Mengwi Royal Temple
  • 17:00 – Back to Hotel

Regular price:

  • USD 40/ car – Maximum 6 person in the car
  • USD 70/ car – Maximum 12 persons in the car

Private transport, petrol, English speaking driver and flexible time


Lunch, entrance fee and personal expenses

Banyumala Waterfall Tour inclusive price:

  • USD 45/ Person
  • Minimum 2 person


Private car, petrol, English speaking driver, buffet lunch, all entrance fees based on itinerary, parking fee and flexible time.

Additional info:

  • Minimum 2 person
  • Single traveler 50% additional charge
  • Payment in cash payment on the day itself with our driver
  • Payment with other currency will convert based on daily exchange rate
  • The price is already included 21% government tax and service charge
  • Reasonable and fair price, means there is no hidden fee
  • Private tour, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion in our car
  • Flexible time, means time and touist site subject to change based on your request

Zone covered for pick up and drop off:

Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Canggu, Ubud and Airport

Note: Pick up at other location can be arranged with an additional charge

Booking Form

President of Indonesia came to Ubud Bali

President of Indonesia came to Ubud Bali for Mass vaccination in Ubud Palace

President Joko Widodo’s arrival in Bali was to directly monitor the mass vaccination in Ubud Palace, Gianyar Sub-dictrict. The mass vaccination event was held on march 16,2021. 3 priority places, namely Ubud, Sanur and Nusa Dua Areas. These three areas examples of green zone tourism.

” I hope that the opening of three green tourist destinations in Bali will stimulate the economy and tourismt in Bali and national tourism “

President Joko Widodo said the three tourist areas in Bali, Namely Ubud, Sanur and Nusa Dua, will be examples of green zone tourism areas, namely safe tourism for domestic and foreign tourists from the Covid-19 Pandemic. Based on information from ANTARANEWS after president Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) reviewed the Covid-19 vaccine for community service officers, religious and traditional leaders and the elderly at Puri Ubud

On the arrival of president Joko Widodo to Puri Ubud accompanied by the minister of health, Mr. Budi Gunadi Sadikin, the minister of tourist and creative economy Mr. Sandiaga Uno, the governor of Bali, Mr. I Wayan Koster and the regent of Gianyar, Mr. I Made Mahayastra.

With the establishment of three green zones in Bali, tourists will feel comfortable, both domestic and foreign tourists. When free from Covid-19, these three tourist areas will be opened to tourists. But will continue to be monitored and evaluated every week. However, President Joko Widodo has not officially announced when these three places will be open for tourists.

President of Indonesia came to Ubud Bali
Cheapest Bali Honeymoon Packages 2021

Celebrate your honeymoon once in your life time with us. With greet tour itinerary and reasonable prices

Bali Family Tour Package

Bali  island has been a famous destination in the world. Bali island or you can call thousand of temple offer unique culture, friendly local people, variaty of adventure activities, nightlife and other interisting places. Bali Family Tour Package is best option for you to discover of this within 5 days 4 nights.  Bali Family Tour package will offer you best popular places to visit, enjoy your dinner in famous sandy beaches, watersport activities and other popular things to do.

Bali Family Tour Package

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1 – Pick up at airport

Bali Denpasar Airport Transfer Service
  • Begining of this tour is marked by your arrival at Bali itinernational airport. Our Tour guide will pick you up at airport zoon with bring sign board under your name.
  • Then check-in the hotel/resortTake rest the day at Hotel/resortYou can Venture out on your own to explore nearby attractions and sophing
  • Overnight stay at a Hotel/resort

Day2 –  Ubud Full Day Tour

  • Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel while wait our driver which is will be coming at 08.00 to pick you up at hotel
  • Next, our driver will take you to Batu Bulan village. On this village you will see live cultural perfomaces of Barong and Kris dance.
  • Next, you will visit Ubud which is famous with art villages. On this village you will see beautiful handcarft work done by local artisans.
  • After that, head towards Tegenungan Waterfall. This waterfall offer beautiful views surrounding
  • Next, our driver will take you to Batur Volcano. This Volcano is still active and offer a gorgeous views fo crater Lake followed by enjoy your lunch at Kintamani with beautiful view of Mount Batur and lake.
  • After that, you will be take to see a variety of monkeys roaming around on the tress in Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Return to the Hotel and sleep restfully.

Day 3 – Tanah Lot and Ulun Danu Tour

  • Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel
  • Next, Our driver will pick you up at 08.00 am at Hotel lobby than will be take you to Taman Ayun Temple or you can call this temple “ Mengwi Royal Temple
  • After that, our driver will take you to Wanagiri hidden hill to see beatiful views of lake and surrounding from the cliff. This place famous by selfie spot wich is offer variety of spot for taking pictures. Read details …
  • Enjoy your breakfast nearby Ulun Danu Temple
  • Next, our driver will be take you to Ulun Danu Temple. A beautiful temple set on the lake.
  • Head towards Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. A UNISCO Heritage located in Jatiluwih Village. Look details..
  • Next, Visit Tanah Lot temple. A beautiful temple set on the rock by the sea. Look details..
  • Return to the Hotel

Day 4 – Watersport and Uluwatu Tour

  • Enjoy your breakfast at hotel
  • our driver will pick you up at Hotel lobby at 09:30 am. After that, take you to Tanjung Benoa beach to enjoy Water sport activities such as Snorkeling, Banana boat, Glass botom, Visit turtle island and Parasailing.
  • Have lunch at restaurant with beach views
  • Next, Visit Padang Padang beach
  • After that, Visit Uluwatu Temple. A Beautiful temple set on the cliff bank. Look details…
  • Enjoy Sunset dinner at Jimbaran Bay. Jimbaran Bay is one of the popular place to enjoy your dinner pampered by beautiful views sunset.
  • Back to hotel and then take restfully

Day 5 – Departure from Bali

  • Post breakfast, check our from the hotel
  • Our driver will take you to the airport and good bye to this amazing Bali island.

Bali Family Tour Package Price:


  • Accomodation 4 nights
  • Breakfast 4 times
  • Lunch 3 times
  • Dinner 1 time
  • Mineral water 4 times
  • Sightseeing based on tour itinerary
  • Water sport package ( Banana boat )
  • Private airport transfer
  • Private car with good aircondition

Things to carry:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Caps
  • Valid ID
  • Camera
  • Water bottle
  • Personal medicine kit, if any

Term and Condition:

  • Minimum booking 2 person
  • Single traveller there is 50% extra charge from our rate
  • The tour is private tour, it means there is no other participant, only you and your companion in our car
  • Time and tourist site is subject to change based on your request
  • 20% deposit requred for secure the booking, the rest you can pay upon arrival in Bali.
  • Payment with other currency will convert based on daily exchange rate