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Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is a beach with fine white sand under a cliff on the east side of Nusa Penida island. Located in Banjar Pelilit, Pejukutan village, Nusa Penida district. You will take 60 minutes drive from the port by car or motorbike. Diamond beach offers beautiful views of the blue sea, Coral hills shaped like diamonds above the ocean and surrounded by limestone cliffs make this beach have its own charm.

Witnessing the beauty of the beach with white sand, limestone, blue water and coconut trees from a height or Diamond beach view point is what visitors who come here often do.  Only 5 minutes or 20 meter walk from the car park space and you will arrive at diamond beach view point.

What interesting things to do

When you come here the first thing you do is Enjoy the beauty of diamond beach from the top of the hill and take photos to capture your trip. Here you will be presented with views of the beauty of the beach with soft white sand from the top of the hill.

  • Enjoy your day on the white sand beach.

Some visitors mention this place is a hidden paradise behind the hill. The beach with soft white sand, calm beach waves make it safe to bathe and soak on the beach. And this is one of your reasons to spend your time in this place.

  • Swing on the cliff with beach views.

This is one of the reasons you come to this beach. In Ubud and in other places, many swing activities are offered with views of forests, rivers and rice fields. Here you can do swing activities on a cliff with beautiful beach views so that it has its own charm. So many visitors are willing to spend their money to do this activity. If you want to do this activity, juts pay USD 20 per person and the swing staff will help capture your moment.

Things to know before visiting Diamond beach

  • Wear clothes that absorb sweat and bring an umbrella
  • Wear sunblock so that your skin is protected and wear comfortable sandals because you will be walking a little far and going down the stairs
  • Bring your own food and drink supplies because there are no food stalls around the area.

Ticket fee and opening hours

Diamond beach is open 24 hours. But staying up late is not a good idea. Because there is not enough lighting. It is recommended to visit from 07 to 06 pm so that you are under the supervision of local officers. Entrance ticket if you visit this beach IDR 10.000 per person. Rent a parking space IDR 10.000 per car and IDR 5.000 per motorbike.

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