Bali is Rising Again

Bali is Rising Again

Since the pandemic has changed Bali’s economy, now Bali is rising again. Bali’s source of income is in the tourism sector, almost all of the Balinese work in tourism. Since the pandemic hit Bali’s economy, it’s possible that other countries have experienced the same thing. The government has taken various ways so that this pandemic ends quickly and the economy returns to normal. This wait has resulted in Bali’s economy gradually recovering, although it is not 100% normal. The government has opened Bali in the tourism sector, especially domestic tourists by following predetermined procedures.

Bali is Rising Again

Yesterday on December 17,2021, we went on a trip to southern Bali with our friend, Mr. John Cris from Philippine, who has been living in Batam – Indonesia for one year. Now he is coming to Bali for a 5 days vacation from 17 – 21 December 2021.

On the first day we picked him up at Ngurah Rai airport in the afternoon around 15.20. Then we emmediately took him to south Bali to see the beauty of the Uluwatu temple and the Kecak dance performance. Arriving at the location, I was quite surprised at the situation in Uluwatu because many tourists came to see the beauty of the Uluwatu temple. Here we think there is new hope for Bali tourism actors to rise again.

On the second day of our trip, we visited Kintamani to see the beauty of Mount Batur, Ubud village, Tegalalang rice terrace, Bali Swing, Tirta Empul temple, Tegenungan waterfall and watch the Barong and Kris dance. The first tourist spot to visit is Batu Bulan watching the BArong and Kris dance. However, we were not lucky because the BArong and Kris dance perfomance were still closed due to the pandemic reason. Then we continued our journey to Celuk Village which is famous for its gold and Silver smith. Here we can see the process live.

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The next trip to visit Alas Harum Ubud. Our friend are very satisfied the service here. Bali Swing is the reason he came here, Besides that you can take selfies with various spots with views of the rice fields. In addition, you can enjoy Luwak coffee and the process of making it. In this place we spent 1 hour because our friend really like the place. Then continue the journey to visit the Tegalalang rice terrace. We parked the vehicle on the side of the road because the situation was still not too crowded with visitors. By working 5 meters we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the rice fields. We’re only here for while because it’s noon, so get ready for lunch at a restaurant in Kintamani. We spend lunch for 1 hours with a view of Mount Batur and lake Batur then we visit the next place, namely Tirta Empul Holy water.

After we spent 20 minutes at the Tirta Empul temple then we visited the last place on the second day of the trip, namely the Tegenungan Waterfall. We spent almost 1 hour in this place because our friend wanted to see the scenery closer after that we went back to the hotel and arrived at the hotel at 6 pm .

On day 3 of our trip, we went to the northern Bali by visiting 5 tourist attractions, namely Wanagiri Hidden Hill, Handara Gate Bali, Ulun Danu Temple, Jatiluwih Rice terrace and Tanah Lot Temple. Depart from hotel at 8 am and arrive at Wanagiri Hidden Hill at 10.30 am. The reason i brought my friend here is that it’s a great place for selfies with a view of the lake and mountains. Our friend was very satisfied and not disappointed traveling far from Kuta. Sorry we did not explain each tousit spot on today’s trip but I can conclude that the trip was smooth until the end and we redurned to the hotel at 5 pm and arrived at the hotel at 6 pm. My friend said he couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s trip to visit Nusa Penida island. He has to go to bed early because tomorrow he leaves at 7 am from the Hotel.

Day 4 is a trip to Nusa Penida island. Depart from the hotel at 7 am and arrive at the port in Sanur. My friend from Nusa Penida was ready to send Mr. John to Nusa Penida Island. But I didn’t go to Nusa Penida because my body condition was not healthy so I asked my friend from Nusa Penida to be a guide while in Nusa Penida island. Depart from Sanur harbor at 8 am by visiting 4 popular tourist attractions, namely Kelingking beach, broken beach, Angel Bellabong beach and Crystal bay beach. Arrived in Bali at 5 pm and I was ready to pick him up and arrived at the hotel at 5.40 pm. The conclusion of the trip to Nusa Penida my friend was very satisfied with Mr. Putu is a tour guide and also a photographer and the photos are good.

On the last 5 days in Bali. I picked up my friend at 08.30 am to go to the airport because his flight was at 10 am.

The conclusion of my friend’s entire trip in Bali is to report that most of the popular tourist attractions in Bali have opened. Bali is ready to welcome with a variety of choices of natural beauty, culture and customs that for 2 years has had slumped.

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