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Best places to visit in Bali after Covid-19

Talking about the best places to visit in Bali after Covid-19. We have been faced with a situation for almost a year until now, it still cannot be answered by anyone when this COVID-19 will be over. All activities are limited, so that our space is narrow. Various methods carried out by each country in the world including Indonesia. The development of Covid-19 in Indonesia has decreased compered to the previous month. We really apreciate the Government’s effort’s especially on the island of Bali.

President of Indonesia came to Ubud Bali
President Joko Widodo monitors the implementation of Covid-19 vaccine immunization at Ubud 16 March 2021

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Denpasar city Government accelerates the vaccine process, especially those working in the tourist sector, teachers, Government, Bank and the elderly. According to the information we get from Traveloffpath Bali will be open in July this year.

Best places to visit in Bali after Covid-19
Ulun Danu Temple, Bedugul – Bali

We can’t wait for July for the holidays to get rid of our tired thoughts because our lives have been limited for one year. Now is the time to plan our vacation in Bali! Visiting beautiful places on the island of the Gods is one of the greet options for a vacation after Covid. There are 45 beautiful tourist attractions that you must visit after Covid-19.

Best places to visit in Bali after Covid-19

And many more interesting places ready for you to visit. We are sure that after the Government completes the vaccine in all sectors, Bali will again be full of visitors that have been waiting for by tourists around the world.

Can I enter Bali Now?

This is a question that often arises for tourists in general. Below are the rules you need to know if you want to take a vacation or enter Indonesia in a pandemic era.

President of Indonesia came to Ubud Bali

President of Indonesia came to Ubud Bali for Mass vaccination in Ubud Palace

President Joko Widodo’s arrival in Bali was to directly monitor the mass vaccination in Ubud Palace, Gianyar Sub-dictrict. The mass vaccination event was held on march 16,2021. 3 priority places, namely Ubud, Sanur and Nusa Dua Areas. These three areas examples of green zone tourism.

” I hope that the opening of three green tourist destinations in Bali will stimulate the economy and tourismt in Bali and national tourism “

President Joko Widodo said the three tourist areas in Bali, Namely Ubud, Sanur and Nusa Dua, will be examples of green zone tourism areas, namely safe tourism for domestic and foreign tourists from the Covid-19 Pandemic. Based on information from ANTARANEWS after president Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) reviewed the Covid-19 vaccine for community service officers, religious and traditional leaders and the elderly at Puri Ubud

On the arrival of president Joko Widodo to Puri Ubud accompanied by the minister of health, Mr. Budi Gunadi Sadikin, the minister of tourist and creative economy Mr. Sandiaga Uno, the governor of Bali, Mr. I Wayan Koster and the regent of Gianyar, Mr. I Made Mahayastra.

With the establishment of three green zones in Bali, tourists will feel comfortable, both domestic and foreign tourists. When free from Covid-19, these three tourist areas will be opened to tourists. But will continue to be monitored and evaluated every week. However, President Joko Widodo has not officially announced when these three places will be open for tourists.

President of Indonesia came to Ubud Bali
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